How to sign in to your Diamond IT Customer Portal

Diamond IT’s Customer Portal is a single point of contact when your business needs IT support. From resetting a password to supporting widescale IT change and implementation, our Customer Portal ensures you’re connected with the direct support you need, regardless of where you work.

Please note this Customer Portal is only available to Diamond IT Managed Services customers.


How to sign in to your Customer Portal 

  1. To access your Customer Portal, select the “Red D” icon on your computer profile. The “Red D” icon is located in the bottom right corner of your computer screen, near the clock. If you do not see the “Red D” icon, check if it is in the ‘view more’ arrow (see Fig 2).
  2. Right-click on the “Red D” icon and select “Contact Diamond IT Support”.









Fig 1-3: Diamond IT Customer Portal – Accessing support via the “Red D” icon.


3. A web browser will open and display the Diamond IT Customer Portal website home page. Select “sign in” in the top right of your screen.

Fig 4: Diamond IT Customer Portal – Sign In Home Screen

Please note the process is different for Office 365 users and non Office 365 users. The below guides detail procedures for both.

How to sign in to your Customer Portal (Office 365 Users)

1.  For Office 365 Customers, simply select “Login with Office 365 Account”. This sign-in procedure leverages the current email address, password and associated enterprise-level security settings from your Office 365 account. Once submitted you will be directed to your Customer Portal home page.

Fig 5: Diamond IT Customer Portal – Sign in for O365 Accounts

2. On your first-time sign in only, you may be greeted with a Microsoft permission request and/or a blue profile name confirmation screen. Simply tick the ‘consent on behalf of your organisation button’ if applicable, and confirm your first and last name by selecting the ‘continue’ button.


Fig 6 -7: Diamond IT Customer Portal – Microsoft Permission Request and Profile confirmation


How to sign in to your Customer Portal (Non Office 365 Users)

1. For Non Office 365 Customers, please contact our team to assist with your initial login process.

2. Our team will provide a custom code for your first sign in. Once received please select “Redeem Invitation”.

Fig 8: Diamond IT Customer Portal – Sign in for Non O365 Accounts

3. Enter your invitation code and select the “Register” button. Once submitted you will be directed to your Customer Portal home page.

Fig 9: Diamond IT Customer Portal – Redeem Invitation


4. Enter your email address and create a user name and strong password to complete the set up of your Customer Portal sign in. Select “Register” to finalise.

Fig 10: Diamond IT Customer Portal – Register Details

Our team are here to support your transition to, and use of the new Diamond IT Customer Portal. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 1300 307 907.

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