Diamond IT Complaint Handling Process - Compliments, Complaints, and Feedback

Diamond IT is committed to ensuring that you receive the highest standard in customer service. Whether you’re paying a compliment, providing feedback or making a complaint, your input is valuable to us.

Contact us – we are here to help

If you want to provide feedback or you’re dissatisfied with our service, contact Diamond IT:

Email: css@diamondit.com.au

Telephone: 1300 307 907

Providing feedback

Your feedback helps us maintain a high standard of customer service and provide products and services that meet your needs. If you have a suggestion about how we can improve our products or services please let us know.

A compliment

If you’ve received exceptional service from a member of the Diamond IT team, we would love to hear about it.

A complaint

Diamond IT will utilise our best efforts to resolve your complaint as soon as possible, timeframes will be agreed with you within two to five Business Days of first speaking with you. If you write to us with your issue, we will acknowledge your request within two Business Days of receiving your correspondence.  You can also contact us with your complaint via our Contact Us webpage.

You can nominate a representative to handle the complaint on your behalf.

If for whatever reason your issue cannot be resolved immediately and if we need to investigate the matter further, we will then agree on a timeframe for absolute resolution. In most circumstances this will be within 15 Business Days of you first raising the concern with use unless a delay prevents that, we will inform you as soon as possible after we become aware of the delay, we will advise you why there is a delay, the new timeframe that will apply (except if the delay is because of a notified mass outage of service).

Initial assessment of complaint

Diamond IT will:

  1. a) Identify and flag if it is an urgent complaint;
  2. b) Categorise it according to our standard categories;
  3. c) Identify and flag complaints about billing errors & disputes; and
  4. d) Assess whether it can be resolved without further investigation.

If your matter is urgent

We consider a complaint urgent when it concerns any of the following:

  • You have applied for or have been approved for financial hardship assistance and you believe your issue directly contributes to or worsens that hardship;
  • Disconnection of your service is imminent or has occurred and where due process has not been followed; or
  • Your issue is about a service or situation that is dangerous to you or others.


Internal prioritisation process

We are flexible in the way we prioritise complaint processing because special circumstances can apply. In normal circumstances:

  • Urgent complaints have the highest priority.
  • Complaints involving services to customers with significant health problems, or the care of young children or who are in remote locations or who are old-aged are prioritised next.
  • Complaints that are approaching or have exceeded maximum response times are prioritised next.

We can often only know about these, or other, important factors if you tell us. You can alert us using any of the contact channels through which you can lodge a complaint.

Investigation of your complaint

In investigating a complaint, a customer service representative will:

  • Make any relevant enquiries of you, your authorised representative or our systems or other staff, or of any other Suppliers involved in our supply chain, and other interested parties;
  • Investigate the complaint suitably for its seriousness;
  • Fairly and carefully consider the merits of the complaint;
  • Focus on finding the optional solution for you and the situation;
  • Seek guidance from a manager if necessary; and
  • Keep in mind our obligations under the Telecommunications (Consumer Complaints Handling) Industry Standard 2018 and this document.

Complaints about billing errors

If you make a complaint during a Usage Period about a billing error, we will resolve it by the end of the next Usage Period.

Progress updates

Whilst your issue is being investigated, we will provide you regular updates on the progress of enquiries so that you are kept updated of how everything is being addressed. You can enquire about its progress at any time and we will assign ticket log number when you first call or write to us which you can quote when enquiring about your issue.

Advising outcomes

Diamond IT will notify you of our decision about your complaint as soon practicable after we complete our investigation. We will communicate this information by email, post, or phone and we will confirm it in writing within five Business Days after you ask us to.

The solution we offer will be tailored to you so that as far as practicable it addresses the main cause of the complaint and your individual circumstances. Where the complaint is indicative of a broader problem or system issue we will endeavour to resolve the main cause of that problem or issue.

We aren’t required to action that proposed solution unless and until you accept it. If you do accept our proposed resolution, we are allowed a period of time to action it. We will fully action a solution within ten Business Days after you agree to the resolution unless:

  • We and you agree otherwise;
  • You agreed to do something to facilitate the solution by a certain time and you failed to do so; or
  • It’s an urgent complaint.

Escalating complaints

If you aren’t satisfied with the resolution or investigation of your complaint, you can ask to be referred to the next level of management such as a supervisor. Internal escalation and management may not accelerate resolution if the complaint is not urgent and its processing already meets the applicable standards and is within the permitted maximum response times.

We will continue to try and resolve your issue as soon as possible and within timeframes agreed with you which in most circumstances will be within 15 Business Days of you having notified us that you’re not satisfied.

If for any reason you’re still dissatisfied with the way your complaint has been handled, you can ask to be referred to a more senior person such as a manager. This person will deal with you personally and discuss the resolutions you’ve been offered.

Review of complaint resolution process

Diamond IT is committed to the efficient fair and courteous resolution of complaints. We keep a record of all complaints to ensure our complaint resolution process is being followed, to identify recurring and systemic problems and most importantly to prevent recurrence. We will continue to implement processes and procedures to ensure that the majority of complaints are resolved at first point of contact. If you have any feedback on our complaint resolution process please let us know.

Unreasonable complaint procedure

If we consider that:

  • We can do nothing more to resolve your complaint or assist you; and
  • Your behaviour or complaint is frivolous or vexatious,

We may decide not to deal further with your complaint. We won’t do that without careful consideration, and appropriate internal escalation and acting reasonably.

Within five Business Days of such a decision, we’ll advise you of the reasons for our decision and your options for external dispute resolution.

After that we may then close your complaint and we reserve the right not to accept any further complaints from you on the same or similar issues, except as part of an external dispute resolution process.

Lost contact procedure

If we cannot contact you to discuss your complaint or offer a solution, we’ll write to you:

  • Advising we couldn’t contact you / reach you;
  • Detailing our contact attempts; and
  • Inviting you to contact us to discuss the complaint within a specified period of at least ten Business Days.

Unless you contact us to discuss the complaint within that period, we may then close your complaint.

Restriction on legal proceedings

We will not commence legal proceedings against you that has the same subject matter as a complaint:

  • While the complaint is being handled;
  • Within seven Business Days after you are advised of the outcome of the complaint; or
  • While the complaint is being investigated by the TIO.

Credit management action suspended

Diamond IT will not take credit management action over a disputed amount if you have made a complaint and we know it has not been resolved to your satisfaction and or if it is being investigated by us or the TIO or some recognised third party.

Complaint records we will keep

Diamond IT will systematically record for each complaint in accordance with the Telecommunications (Consumer Complaints) Record-Keeping Rules 2018:

  • The name and contact details of the consumer making the complaint and their representative where applicable;
  • A ticket log number that will ensure Diamond IT can subsequently identify the complaint and its subject matter;
  • A description of the nature of the complaint and the issues raised as part of the complaint;
  • A description of the resolution proposed by Diamond IT or the consumer;
  • The due date for a response;
  • A description of the results of any investigation;
  • A description of the proposed resolution of the complaint including any associated commitments and the date this is communicated to the consumer;
  • A description of our reasons for its proposed resolution;
  • The consumers response to the proposed resolution of the complaint, any reason given by the consumer and if they have requested the proposed resolution in writing that this request has been made;
  • The implementation of any required actions; and
  • Copies of any correspondence sent by or to the consumer regarding the complaint.

Your rights

Nothing in this document limits or detracts from your rights under the Agreement which applies to your use of the Diamond IT network, Telecommunications Act, the Trade Practices Act, state fair trading legislation or any other laws taking complaints outside Diamond IT We expect that our Diamond IT team will successfully resolve the issue you raise as we aim to provide the most straightforward efficient and effective complaint resolution process. However, if you’re not satisfied with the way your complaint has been handled and would like an external body to review your complaint, you can contact the following regulatory bodies:

  1. The Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman (TIO). The TIO is an office of last resort which recommends that you first try and resolve the issue with your telecommunications service provider. Although you do not have to exhaust all the complaint resolution options offered by Diamond IT you should try and resolve the issue with us first before taking your complaint to the TIO. The TIO can be contacted on 1800 062 058 or by writing to Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman, PO Box 276 Collins Street West, Melbourne Victoria 8007; and
  2. For general telecommunications issues that are not within the TIO authority you can also contact the Australian Communications & Media Authority (ACMA) or the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC).

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