Our Mission

We provide quality technology solutions that help our customers succeed

Diamond IT is passionate and enthusiastic about technology and about our customers.

What sets us apart is our understanding that great technology doesn’t provide value unless it aligns with business goals. Rather than focusing on the technology itself, we work closely with our customers to understand their challenges and objectives.

Our solutions help increase productivity, reduce risk and improve collaboration. We also provide our customers with fingertip access to information that helps them make informed business decisions.

Ultimately, we are focusing on helping our customers succeed. This is both our mission and our benchmark for performance.

The Diamond IT Values

Deliver outstanding solutions to quality organisationsDelivering Oustanding Solutions

Diamond IT was born out of a desire to provide great service and quality products. We work most effectively with quality organisations that have very high standards and demand the best. It is easy to say you provide outstanding solutions, it is harder to demonstrate it. Diamond IT delivers outstanding solutions with streamlined processes, dedicated design and project management teams. Our key point of difference is that we are proactive. We have dedicated teams that focus purely on improving our offering and helping our customers align with industry best practice.


Become World Class in every part of our BusinessBecome world class in every part of our business

Part of what drives us at Diamond IT is to be seen by our customers as a world class technology partner. To achieve this lofty goal, we not only focus on improving the areas of our business that directly impact customers, we also invest heavily in our back of house operations. Last but certainly not least, we employ the best in the business. We are extremely proud of our talented team and the positive customer feedback that they receive. We believe that every part of our business performs an important role in delivering world class solutions to our customers.


Strive to be Masters of our CraftStrive to be masters of our craft

There are many aspects to providing a quality offering. Resourcing, process, technology and of course people. Diamond IT’s success is built on the talent of our team and the team is self-driven to be the best they can be. We reward career advancement and provide training, guidance and coaching. Ultimately this has resulted in a culture that inspires people to reach their potential.



Build great relationships based on trust and communication

Trust is part of the foundation of Diamond IT. We see trust as being both about integrity and reliably delivering on what has been promised. Our customers have experienced this from us since 1996 and regularly provide feedback about the confidence they have in Diamond IT. Communication is important in any relationship and is particularly important when dealing with a complex and important business resource such as technology. Diamond IT endeavours to be proactive and open with our communication to make it easy for our customers to work with us and get the most from their technology.

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