2018 Cybersecurity Industry Breakfast hosted by Diamond IT, Fortinet & the NSW Cyber Security Network attracts IT heads..

The growing risk to business from unauthorised computer system access and attacks was the focus of today’s Cybersecurity Industry Breakfast attended by top Information and Communication Technology (ICT) specialists.

We hosted this breakfast event, in partnership with Fortinet and the NSW Cyber Security Network, which was aimed at informing and supporting Hunter organisations and ICT leaders to mitigate possible threats.

Why our Cybersecurity Industry Breakfast was important to Hunter businesses

Our Managing Director Rob Buck believes ICT is now considered a key driver for business and with digital transformation rapidly changing the landscape, the stakes are high.

Since the first case of malicious software (malware) in 1988, Cybercrime is now estimated to cost more than US$400 billion globally. Australia’s high use of technology, including social media, online banking and government services, make the nation an attractive target for cybercrime syndicates. The Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC) identified 47,000 cybersecurity incidents in 2017 representing a 15% annual rise.

The global market for cyberprotection is forecast to be worth $170 billion by 2020, with adequate protective measures and strategies among the keynote presentations given by three leading speakers during the Cybersecurity breakfast.

“Strategic and adequate cybersecurity measures should be major priorities for any business hoping to manage such risk. Today’s breakfast brought together and helped educate our region’s ICT frontline forces so they can better support their organisations and, indirectly, the wider community.” Mr Buck said

Thank you to our three leading speakers

As with most industry hosted events the speakers make the difference, and today’s breakfast was no different.

Internationally acclaimed cybersecurity expert Professor Vijay Varadharajan discussed the impact of recent worldwide cybercrime trends. Based at the University of Newcastle, Prof Varadharajan is Director of Advanced Cyber Security Engineering Research Centre (ACSRC) and has addressed international academic and industry symposiums. UoN is among seven NSW universities involved in the recently announced NSW Cyber Security Network project that will invest $2 million in a university-led cybersecurity network designed to protect the public sector and industry against cyberattacks.

Fortinet, a global security technology provider and event co-sponsor, was represented by Major Account Manager NSW Mark Kovacik who explored the cutting edge of cybersecurity technology.

And Diamond IT’s very own Technology Consulting Manager Glendin Franklin-Browne covering best practice protection strategies including the important role the user plays in cybersecurity.

Diamond IT’s view for the future..

Thank you to everyone that attended today’s breakfast we hope you enjoyed the time as much as we did.

As our MD Rob Buck mentioned in his Q&A with the Newcastle Herald earlier this week, Diamond IT is hoping to create a regional support network for ICT heads and business leaders responsible for setting strategy. We want to inform specialists who will then be able to better protect their organisations and, indirectly, the wider community.


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