Cybersecurity – Are you protected?

Cybersecurity: Technologies and processes that protect IT assets from cyberattacks…

With researchers revealing the discovery of computer malware so sophisticated that it managed to hide undetected within enterprise and government computers for five years; and Yahoo recently revealing one of the world’s biggest cybersecurity breaches – what hope do small to medium businesses have?

Grab a coffee and catch our 15-minute webinar on Cybersecurity to find out more – Diamond IT’s Security Expert & Blogger Peter Lambert covers the following points to help you protect your business:

  • How Security threats work – including real examples of threats circulating
  • What you can do to best stay protected – at work and working from home
  • How to identify if you have been infected and how to deal with it
  • How to reduce your risk of becoming infected

As we see more and more customers not only suffering security breaches at work but also from home, we recommend catching this quick 15-minute webinar to make sure your business and consequently your customers are protected.

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