Make sure your business is prepared for NBN

Whether you are making the move to NBN or you have already, understanding the process can be overwhelming…

As the roll out starts to really ramp up and business in numerous areas are now being forced to transition, we recommend making sure you are prepared for both the challenges and the benefits of the NBN.

Grab a coffee and take the time to watch our brief Webinar where Chris CoxDiamond’s Technical Services Manager covered the following on The NBN and What to Expect…

  • The different NBN technologies
  • Explain some of the terminology in layman’s terms
  • Explain how NBN differs from professional Fibre based services
  • Current challenges with getting FTTN NBN installations done
  • Voice over the NBN
  • Future direction of NBN
  • Exciting things that NBN enables business to do such as Cloud…


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