Have you ever experienced “Bill Shock”?

With more than HALF of smartphone users experiencing the surprise of an unexpectedly high phone bill it is no wonder the term “bill shock” has become so common…

We regularly talk with our customers about ensuring they are aware of all the potential data traps that can arise with mobile phone usage, especially post upgrades and application changes, as well as the processes that can be put in place to avoid these traps, for both personal and business phones.

We were stunned with a $7,000+ end of month bill due to excess data usage, that we could have avoided with some simple processes in place” – Office Manager, Real Estate Company

Grab a coffee and take the time to watch our Mobile Data webinar, during which our Communications team demonstrates some simple yet effective changes you can make to avoid excess data charges at home or in business for both iPhone and Android, including…

  • Tips on monitoring usage and setting up notifications
  • Explore Apps that can control / restrict data usage
  • Understand enabled data traps that can be turned off
  • Stay in touch with App changes that impact how data is used (WiFi vs 3/4G)
  • Other tips and tricks to avoid “bill shock” that increase productivity, collaboration and profitability

These tips and techniques could potentially save you thousands of dollars in wastage across your personal or business mobile data plans, enjoy the webinar below…

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