Why is Cyber Awareness Training important for your organisation?

With cybercriminals now targeting businesses and their remote workforce’s through convincing scams and phishing attacks, the need to be vigilant and thorough in protecting your data and organisation from harm has never been greater. Unfortunately, the major cause of serious cyber security breaches in Australian organisations is confirmed to be the employees in your team. 65% of attacks to an organisation are a result of staff not being able to identify a cyber threat and not knowing how to manage them appropriately.

It is important that your staff understand the part they play in protecting your organisation and clients’ data.

Ensuring staff understand how to handle personal information provided by clients and partners can not only help avoid potential threats but can also protect your reputation as a trusted organisation to work with.

What is Cyber Security Awareness Training?

Diamond IT’s Cyber Security Awareness Training educates staff in the threats and attacks they are subjected to every day.

Using multiple platforms, we guide staff through the minefield that is “cyber” and data security and ensure that they have the tools and experience to keep your organisation’s systems and data safe. We cover:

  • An introduction to cyber security.
  • Hacking techniques and methods (examples).
  • What to look out for when receiving suspicious communications (such as emails).
  • The legal implications of a data breach (for staff and the organisation).
  • The human impacts of a data breach.

Our Cyber Security Awareness Training involves:

  • Face-to-face (class-room) training at your premise.
  • Online training via a web portal.
  • Compliance/completion certificates for participants.
  • Compliance and comprehension tracking.
  • Coordinated and customised ‘mock’ Phishing attacks.

Register your interest in our Cyber Security Awareness Training course by filling in the form below, and our Technology Consulting Manager will contact you to organise your no-obligation consultation.

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