What is Cyber Risk Discovery?

We understand that every organisation operates in its own unique way.

For example, business processes within similar organisations in the same industry can be vastly different. The way organisations use technology can also differ, ranging from using desktop computers for processing orders and deliveries to encouraging employees to use their own personal devices with Cloud Hosted Apps.

Regardless of how similar organisations may be or how they operate, each has its own distinct set of cyber threats and vulnerabilities, which is where our Cyber Risk Discovery offering comes in.

Our Cyber Risk Discovery offering is designed to bring together your key stakeholders and facilitate sessions that allow you to:

  • Understand your business context in relation to cyber and information security.
  • Discover high-level cyber and information security risks.
  • Assess your cyber risk posture and whether these risks are tolerable.
  • Make informed decisions about the actions you can take to improve your cyber risk posture.

Through a number of facilitated sessions with your key stakeholders, we work collaboratively to help you discover your cyber and information security risks. The collaborative approach places your people at the centre of the discussion, plus you’ll get the benefit of using this knowledge internally to drive forward towards a stronger risk posture.

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