Why is Infrastructure Resource Management Important?

To be productive and help your customers, your organisation needs to get the most from your Technology resources. You need the best solution for each business function and where possible, systems that provide multiple roles or integrate with other systems.

Establishing the best environment involves quite complex decision making processes and requires specialist skills. Therefore it is good business practice to seek external expertise to ensure you make informed decisions and get the most from your IT infrastructure investment.

Infrastructure Resource Management Consulting Services

Services include:

  • Business Software Selection and Appraisal – When conducting an appraisal our team engages with different parts of your organisation to find the most impactful areas for improvement. Our experienced Software Developers and Business Analysts appraise the functionality and technical aspects of your existing and potential software systems.
  • IT Audit – A comprehensive IT audit can ensure assets are accounted for and performing as expected. Engaging an external specialist such as Diamond IT reduces the risk of areas being overlooked and also provides an alternate perspective. We can also technically appraise your software systems and provide design recommendations.
  • Project Management – Our experienced project managers are committed to ensuring IT projects run smoothly and you are well informed throughout the process. We use the industry best practice PRINCE2 methodology and our primary objective is that your project runs on time and on budget.

Talk to Diamond IT about how we can help you ensure your IT environment is documented, well designed and meets your needs so you can meet the demands of your customers.

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