Are you considering changing business software applications?

Common drivers for organisations to review their business software include growth, acquisition or when they find applications no longer meet their functional requirements. Outdated technology may become expensive to maintain and difficult to integrate with other systems or produce management information.

Determining business requirements and selecting software is a complex and involved process that requires specialist skills. With numerous vendors to choose from and technologies such as cloud to consider, decisions are more complex than ever. Applications that used to work in isolation are now expected to integrate with other systems.

Software can no longer be seen as individual applications, they need to be seen as part of an integrated environment.

Tech Consulting - Software Selection

How can Diamond IT help?

Diamond IT helps you gather your business and technical requirements and take these to market to find the best system or systems for your organisation.

We help you reduce the risk of selecting the wrong system for your business

Our independence helps you take on the daunting task of navigating the marketplace to select the appropriate vendor for your requirements. We can help you progress through the process of evaluation and structure your decision making.

Diamond has specialists who can evaluate applications from both a technical and software development perspective and consider the ability of current applications and integrations.

Specifically, what does our service include?

This independent service can be tailored to include all, or a selection of, the following components as outlined in the above diagram:

  • Business and functionality requirements gathering – organise and facilitate workshops and then document the results as part of a formal requirements gathering process.
  • Business case for software evaluation – produce the necessary business case or board approval documentation to ensure a clear and concise presentation to your board of directors.
  • Request for Proposal or Tender document creation – create and align documents with legislation and the guidelines required by your organisation.
  • Proposal management – we manage the interface with all respondents and ensure your rules of engagement are followed.
  • Formal evaluation – we apply a weighted mathematical approach to evaluating each respondent’s proposal. This ensures the correct emphasis is placed on capability, functionality and price.
  • Systems selection summary – we provide a clear and concise summary of all prospective vendors and their scores and the reasons behind the preferred proposal.
  • Final business case presentation – we can guide you through the process of building and presenting the final business case, including the preparation of documentation for authorisation.

Where required this service can also be complemented by our Project Management service to help keep the project on track.



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