Microsoft Teams enables great workforce collaboration for your organisation

Advances in technology continue to enable new and exciting ways for workforce collaboration. MS Teams allows you to centralise your teams work in one location, giving you one place where you can contain conversations, documents, meetings and meeting notes, video, phone calls and conference calls, task/project management and many other features altogether. With MS Teams, your team can stay organised, easily connect and collaborate, and work productively from any location.

Now, more than ever, it’s important for your organisation to remain connected and work productively from any location. Included in most Office 365 plans, MS Teams is designed to fit the unique work style of each organisation and compliments the use of Word, Excel and Project applications.

How Diamond IT can help

Our Technology Consulting team works closely with you in the planning, customisation and deployment of MS Teams for your organisation.

We work with you to:

  • Ensure best practice regarding set up, functionality and security, offering advice to streamline rollout for your organisation.
  • Complete the technical implementation, including any licensing upgrades required.
  • Upskill your managers and staff with customised training programs.
  • Provide Q&A support on completion of training.
  • Integrate MS Teams with other existing software programs, unlocking the full capability of MS Teams for your business.

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