Ensure your staff are connected and productive with MS Teams training

Microsoft (MS) Teams is a powerful collaboration platform that allows your staff to chat, host meetings, make calls, and share files all in one place, no matter where they are located.

The MS Teams feature set is broad, so in order to gain the most from these features, it is important to start with a basic understanding of the concepts and how to use them in your organisation.

What does our Microsoft Teams Training program cover?

In this training program, Diamond IT will:

1. Facilitate MS Teams Training sessions on your premises or remotely using Teams.
2. Interactively train staff using scenarios and examples they are likely to use in their everyday work.
3. Record the session for later viewing, particularly for those unable to attend.
4. Provide two weeks of Q&A support for all participants.

Diamond IT recommends both courses be undertaken to gain value from MS Teams while not overwhelming staff with too much information. We recommend scheduling the basic and intermediate courses 1 month apart to ensure staff have enough time to assimilate the concepts, practice and become competent in what they have learnt from the basic course before moving on to the intermediate course.

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