Why Cyber Security is more important than ever before.

“Cyberthreats” are constantly evolving and becoming more complex, so it is important to be vigilant and prepared for any data security threats.

Cyber Security has evolved to become more than a technology issue that can impact operations and business information. It can present legal risks, impact your brand and reputation and endanger the integrity of your data. It’s worth getting an independent assessment to ensure you are appropriately addressing this area.

The manner in which your organisation handles data is particularly important in the Cloud and BYOD world we live in today.

It is important to ensure that your organisation is using the Internet and handling data in a safe and secure manner. Confidential information should only be accessible by the appropriate people within your organisation. Ensuring staff understand their responsibilities when using business technology in the office or from home is one of the keys to avoiding data loss.

Cyber Security and Data Protection Consulting Services

Diamond IT can help your organisation assess your current cyber security hardware, software, policies and training programs. We can also design security solutions to help protect your business systems and confidential information.

Services include:

  • Cyber Security technology and policy assessment – We conduct a technical appraisal of your cyber security technologies as well as a review of your existing policies and procedures. If you don’t currently have everything you need, we’ll guide you through the creation process. You’ll be presented with a report including analysis and recommendations to ensure you align with best practice and comply with government legislation. It’s up to you how comprehensive the engagement is. We’ve designed our Cyber Security Health Check product specifically as an entry point for organisations that need to get a basic understanding of the current state of their cyber security environment.
  • Cyber Security awareness training and simulated eventsEmployee awareness is a key aspect of cybersecurity. We help your team identify and manage cyberthreats as well as how to handle personally identifiable information in accordance with Australian Privacy Principles. We can also help you reinforce the training by conducting simulated events. These valuable forums are interactive and facilitated by a specialist. They enable you to test your key staff’s understanding of current recovery and response plan(s).
  • Cyber and Data Breach consulting and forensic analysis – We have extensive knowledge and experience in the key aspects of managing data breaches.  We can help you plan your response and should an event occur perform forensic analysis to establish the cause and extent of the breach. If necessary we can project manage your response to customers and the complex process of notifying the Office of the Australian Information Commissioner (OAIC).
  • Disaster Recovery (DR) planning – Disaster doesn’t strike often, but when it does the impacts can be significant therefore DR planning is a critical component of managing your IT environment. We help you plan to ensure you minimise the effect on your business operations and your ability to service your customers during and after the event.
  • Multi-Factor Authentication – With user credential theft being at an all-time high, the best way to stop unwanted intrusion using stolen credentials is through the use of Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). Diamond’s MFA system is available at two levels of security, both of which boost your ability to protect your most precious resources – your data and the privacy of your staff and clients.
  • Cyber Incident Response Planning (CIRP) – With a cybercrime reported to be occurring every 6 minutes, being prepared and self-tested with a CIRP will ensure you are as ready as possible for this, currently, inevitable attack. With new legislations and privacy laws like that of the Mandatory Notification Data Breach Scheme combining into effect, it is more important than ever to ensure your business is secure and resilient to threats and vulnerabilities.

Cyber Security is a vast and complex environment. We can help you ensure your technology, policy and staff education programs align with best practice.



What Our Customers Say

Diamond IT’s Cyber Security Awareness Training keeps cyber security front of mind for our employees and demonstrates how serious we are as a firm in preventing cyber attacks and protecting our clients’ data.

Melissa Burrows - Operations Manager, Turnbull Hill Lawyers

Diamond IT has helped us to better understand the risks associated with cybercrime. Through their network analysis and robust training, we have been able to ensure we are operating under a best-practice cybersecurity strategy. Diamond IT is extremely knowledgeable and we found them great to work with. We had an agreed project timeline and Diamond’s Technology Consulting Manager was responsive and committed to achieving the set timeline. We would happily work with Diamond IT again in the future.

Rebecca Jones, Practice Manager - Baker Love Lawyers

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