Why should you choose DNet Connect?

Internet and private networking are now critically important to your operations and your communications. You need your services to be available and to provide predictable performance. Normally when it’s time to make changes or add new services it can be difficult to find a carrier that will provide a personal service focused on acting quickly.

That’s where Diamond IT’s DNet Connect offering comes in.

DNet Connect provides you access to services from over ten leading carriers directly from Diamond. The internet and private network services are the same as if you accessed them directly from the carrier, but we manage the areas where you need personal customer service like billing, configuration changes, support and the project management of new services.

Diamond IT has deep capabilities in both networking and carrier services and we can design the hardware and internet access type to best suit your needs. Diamond will also guide you through your investment in redundant links and failover options to ensure you stay connected whenever possible.

Same Internet Service. More personal Customer Service

When you access DNet Connect, Diamond IT has more control over the experience

The internet or private network service is exactly the same as if you had acquired it directly through the carrier. The difference is that Diamond IT has more control and involvement in areas where customer service is important to you. This makes for a better overall experience.

Today there is a dizzying array of access types including National Broadband Network (NBN), 4G, ADSL, Ethernet, Dark Fibre, Fibre Optic Internet, Fixed Wireless Ethernet and many more. Our design specialists review your environment and future needs to come up with the best solution.

The specialist design and support services we provide you are included in your plan pricing. You’re getting great service and great value.

Personal Service and specialist design and configuration.

How can we help with multisite environments?

Customers with multisite environments can sometimes experience challenges when their preferred carrier doesn’t provide the access type they need or is very expensive at a particular location. When you access DNet, Diamond IT can provide integrated solutions using connections from different carriers and different access types. We can seamlessly connect them to provide the best service at each site.

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