Networking and Security

In today’s connected world, your networking and its security are key factors in productivity and the protection of your information.

We only use major vendors such as HPCisco and Fortinet.

Diamond’s experts have deep knowledge of networking components such as routers, switches, Universal Threat management (UTM) and Network Termination Units (NTUs). The key though is the ability to design an overall solution to meet your business needs.

Business Computer Systems

Diamond is an award-winning managed service provider. Our aim is to provide customers with a cost-effective business computer systems support whilst ensuring minimal disruption to your business.

Our highly skilled team will work with you to design your ideal network needs and ensure your business a solution of efficiency and reliability.

Business Communications

We can help you connect to your customers with innovative and customised Unified Communications solutions including our own hosted Diamond Cloud Voice offering.

Backup and Storage

Your business information is one of your most important assets. It’s critical to be able to restore your information from backups quickly when required.

Diamond can help you with On Premise and Cloud solutions, including our own DCloud Backup and DCloud Archive solutions, to meet the needs of most organisations. The key with backup and storage are to get the design right and then monitor with systems such as those offered in Managed IT Services to ensure that your data continues to be safe.

Software Licensing

Establishing what type of software you need is highly complex and best left in the hands of a specialist like Diamond. We can help you with major international vendors such as MicrosoftVM WareSymantec and Storage Craft to name a few.

The key is to ensure you have the right software correctly licensed. Risks associated include fines from manufacturers and duplication of existing licenses.

Power Protection

Ensuring your business has a robust UPS (Uninterruptible Power System) is an important step in protecting your server infrastructure and reducing the risk of downtime.

Working with leading suppliers such as Hewlett Packard and APC we will find the right solution for your environment to ensure that you are not only protecting your hardware investment, but you have the right measures in place to avoid data loss.

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