Another layer of protection for your data and systems

DMS connects us to your network so we can remotely monitor its health and security, diagnose and resolve issues, as well as install software and security updates – all without interrupting you.

DMS is comprised of four very important tools that allow our staff to keep your systems as stable and secure as possible.

  • Monitoring and reporting which seeks out problems for us to deal with as quickly as possible.
  • Ticketing which helps our team manage technical problems as effectively as possible.
  • Maintenance applies software patches to protect your information against cyber threats and minimise downtime.
  • Automation designed to immediately respond to issues and threats, and includes our unique, custom designed
    RansomBlocker, which automatically stops ransomware from spreading within your network.

Diamond has invested heavily in our DMS systems. When you become a Diamond SLA customer you get to take advantage of world class technologies usually only accessible to the enterprise and government sectors at a small fraction of the cost.

Monitoring and Reporting

Monitoring refers to software that monitors the health of your computer systems and networks. It is a term that can be, at times, used liberally in the IT industry, this is why it is important to select the right firm for your monitoring requirements.

Diamond’s award winning monitoring systems are comprehensive and have established an excellent reputation that has stood the test of time.

We’ve honed our systems to detect important issues as they occur without the distraction of numerous unnecessary notifications. Our systems can even anticipate impending issues before they take place.

A key complement to our monitoring is its associated reporting. This empowers you with knowledge about the health and security of your computer systems. We provide you with key information about critical aspects of your systems such as disk space, backup and overall system performance.

Our proactive approach ensures the stability of your network by regularly identifying problems before they impact your business. This reduces downtime and increases your businesses productivity.


Our system allows your staff to log an issue and monitor its progress through to resolution.

As a result, they always know what’s going on and we’re transparently accountable for our performance.

A key feature of DMS is our custom developed ticketing system. Ticketing systems are very important to ensure that support is well structured and focuses on the right issues at the right time.

Diamond’s ticketing system is unique in the market and helps keep you productive by addressing some issues that are quite common in the IT industry.

  • It eliminates wasted time and energy caused by having multiple people from your team or ours unintentionally involved in the same or a related issue.
  • Ensuring the detail of each technical issue is clear to the Diamond team, so your staff won’t have to repeatedly explain a recurrent problem.
  • This also ensures we identify the root cause and have the best change to fix issues permanently.
DMSOur management team uses quality review systems that monitor required response times and resolution progress to ensure that your technical issues are always responded to quickly and seen through to a swift resolution.

Overall, DMS helps reduce the disruption of on-site service calls, improves network up-time and enhances your business productivity.

Whilst DMS is a very impressive piece of technology, what really matters is the people that use it.

We work hard to select the best people and make sure they have time to help when you need them.

We’re here when you need us.


System security is one of the most important aspects of network stability. While security generally isn’t an issue that affects the way you work day to day, it’s very important. In conjunction with our DMS maintenance and monitoring systems, the most crucial tool to keep your systems secure is patching. Patches are written by software vendors to repair bugs and improve stability. Without updates, your system will quickly become vulnerable to security threats.

By not applying patches you may be leaving the door wide open for malware to come in. Malware exploits flaws in the un-patched systems in order to do its work.

Diamond’s automated patch management software regularly applies the latest patches in a structured way which allows us to block any patches that have been found to cause issues. This is all done without our technicians needing to touch your systems, reducing any chance of human error. When a new layer of protection or stability enhancement becomes available your system will be updated. Diamond’s systems also allow us to implement one-off fixes when necessary to major security threats.



Today the rates of internet security risks are the highest they’ve ever been and increasingly on the rise. Ransomware variants such as ‘Crypto’ have been in the spotlight for several years now and we’re continuing to see cunning new variants of ransomware every day. Each variant is becoming more advanced and more intelligent in its behaviour, often being able to remain completely invisible until it’s too late.

In response to these threats and our commitment to always being on the look-out for new and innovative ways to help make our customers lives safer, we’ve focused our development efforts toward designing a highly advanced solution that further enhances our customers IT security.

Introducing RansomBlocker

RansomBlocker is like a bullet-proof vest designed to protect your businesses important documents against ransomware and cyber criminals. It’s an innovative solution designed by our expert development architects that detects the presence of ransomware on the system, isolates the infection preventing it from spreading across the network, and then sounds an alarm that ransomware has been detected to our advanced monitoring systems.

While ransomware is always evolving, RansomBlocker correlates suspicious behaviours and activities using real time threat intelligence that can often fly undetected in the presence of anti-virus protection. This essentially gives us a head start against a malicious attack.

RansomBlocker has recently been rolled out to all of our Diamond Managed Service customers and we’ve already detected and prevented the spread of several serious ransomware infections. While RansomBlocker may not be completely fool proof, it adds another layer of defence that your business needs in today’s threat landscape. If you’re not a Diamond customer we strongly suggest talking to your current IT provider about what ransomware protection they’re currently providing your business.

RansomBlocker is always alert and ready to protect your businesses sensitive data. It is the innovative protection for today’s businesses against tomorrow’s threats.

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