Diamond ITs proactive, unique and effective managed service

Traditionally Managed Service Providers, like Diamond IT, primarily focus on 3 core areas – Maintenance, Monitoring and Support. These areas are important as they provide responsive, effective support, as well as proactively monitoring systems to ensure major issues are avoided.

However, in spite of Diamond’s award winning service desk team and monitoring systems, our customers look to us to be even more proactive and to provide support second to none. We have listened and in response, Diamond has made some key changes that will not only deliver world-class ongoing support, but will also provide proactive technology optimisation that we can confidently say you will not find anywhere else…

The Technology Optimisation Team

We created the Technology Optimisation (TechOps) team, with the fundamental purpose of aligning your IT environment to industry best practice on an ongoing, proactive basis. We will not only evaluate your hardware and software, but the overall configuration of your environment as well. In practical terms, we have created a sophisticated bespoke application that the TechOps team will use to map your environment against hundreds of industry best practice (standards).

This application will then produce a detailed report showing:

  • A green tick where your environment aligns to a given standard,
  • An amber warning sign where your alignment is considered ‘marginal’,
  • A red cross where you are not in alignment.


How is Diamond IT's Managed Services offering different?

What Others Do

What Others Do

Most IT companies simply implement systems and then support, maintain and monitor them.

What we do

What we do

Diamond IT also provides these services. We implement hardware and software with careful planning including project management, and we offer genuinely world class support, maintenance, automation and monitoring.

Our Managed Services agreement is unique

Diamond has two very important teams that very few Managed Service Providers have:

  • Technology Optimisation: This team assesses industry best practices, and uses this to create a standard blue print for our customers. We then review these standards against your technology environment to see what is in and out of alignment, and we make recommendations to help you conform to industry best practice. It’s important to note that our standards aren’t just in the heads of our technicians – our company knowledge is ‘institutionalised’, with numerous systems that ensure that we provide accurate, consistent advice to our customers.
  • Business Technology Managers: This review from the technology optimisation team is then formalised and presented by your dedicated Business Technology Manager. This person takes the technical review and converts it into business oriented, technology strategy. Once your requirements are fully understood, we create a long-term plan for how your technology environment will evolve in the future. Your Business Technology Manager meets with you at least once a quarter to go through the recommendations and roadmap for your organisation.

Both teams have dedicated staff in these roles. Technology is always evolving and as such best practices change frequently. It’s for this reason that we have a dedicated team of experts to ensure that you’re always getting the most value from your technology investments. Diamond’s Managed IT Services will give you a single point of contact to a wide range of ICT, excellent advice and respond quickly and effectively when you need us.

For more information see our TechOps FAQs.

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