Business Intelligence (BI) makes it easier to understand your business and make better decisions

It is important to be aware of how your organisation is performing in order to make informed decisions and provide appropriate leadership.

Can you easily get access to important data about your customers?

Is your BI environment having a meaningful impact on your business success?

Can your staff get access to data when & where they need it?

To give yourself the best chance of success, you need insights into your business. You need to understand your customers. You need to understand how your team is performing. You need information to help you make great decisions.

How can we help you make the right decisions at the right time?

Having the information to make the right decisions at the right time is a simple concept, but making it happen is a comprehensive challenge. There’s a substantial amount of data that can be found in different applications, spreadsheets and even in paper based systems. The key is to find the data you need and present it in a usable form.

That’s where we come in…

We have the expertise to help you address this challenge in either or both of the following ways:

  • Consulting and Facilitation – most people have a good handle on what they need to know about their business. However, when it’s time to make structured decisions on exactly what KPIs to measure and who should access them, this can be more involved than it first appears. Once the desired KPIs are defined, it’s also necessary to review technology and paper based data sources to establish if it’s economically viable to access the data. We can provide consulting to help guide you through the process of designing your ideal KPI environment.
  • Software Development – we can provide a solution to extract information from your data sources and present it in a form that suits your needs. Software development work is required to access data sources and report in a manner that helps team members within their respective roles. When required, our team has the expertise and experience to help you with solutions involving other technologies such as data warehouses, software integrations or even spreadsheets to ensure data is accessible to your reporting systems.

Once deployed, your new BI environment will provide your team valuable insights that help them improve performance and better serve your customers.


World class cloud technologies make BI more accessible than ever

Cloud technologies have driven down the costs of implementing BI solutions making them much more accessible to small to medium businesses. Today’s BI platforms help you access your data on both traditional and mobile devices. Current technologies also simplify the process of being able to customise reports and analysis data.

Diamond IT primarily uses Microsoft technologies to provide BI solutions, combining software development and business analytics to deliver reporting, analysis and scenario planning tools.

  • Microsoft Power BI – is a world renowned and leading BI platform that helps you gain valuable insights from your data.
  • Microsoft SQL Server Business Intelligence Services – provides the backend framework that allows data analysis.
  • Microsoft Excel – is a useful and widely used application that is very capable of interacting with and analysing BI data.

Each BI technology has its own strengths and weaknesses and it’s important to get the right advice about what best fits your business needs.

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