Our project methodology, Agile, ensures that design and implementation is tangible and that regular feedback is taken into account.

One of the most important factors in the success of a software development project is getting both the scope and estimation of your investment as accurate as possible. This helps you analyse the return on investment and keeps the cost of the project down.



Diamond consider scoping one of the most critical aspects of a project. Our process includes:

        • Thorough requirement analysis to identify the desired goals and objectives of a solution.
        • Technology search and comparison to ensure a custom solution is, in fact, the best way to produce the business outcome or whether an existing software solution is suitable.
        • Comprehensive technical solution design.
        • Communication of the proposed solution in business terms to empower the authorised people with the information to rationally judge the decision.


Implementation and Maintenance

Our implementation uses the agile software development framework. Agile approach to software development, which means that we’re regularly in touch to ensure that the design specifications of the software are accurate and met in a timely manner. Also, this ensures that progress is tangible and regular feedback is factored into the solution.

        • Implementation completed by our team of developers with high coding standards.
        • Where Diamond finds it possible, integration of custom software with existing systems to help reduce manual intervention in business processes.
        • Ongoing maintenance to give reassurance that the solution will continue to support a business need into the future.



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