How do we provide great Technology solutions to customers?

Diamond IT’s broad offering allows us to deliver solutions that comprise multiple aspects of technology. Our large and talented team is passionate about what they do and has deep knowledge in their areas of specialisation.

Communication & Collaboration

Today customers and staff have high expectations about the ability to communicate anywhere, anytime using a variety of technologies. Through effective means of collaboration, employees are able to share ideas in real-time, work more productively and better serve your customers.

Diamond has over 20 years’ experience in communication technologies and can help you with email, voice communications, mobile phones and unified communications. We help you connect to your customers and the outside world with Internet and private networks. Diamond can also help you share and collaborate on documents with our Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft Teams solutions.


Customer Experience & Engagement

Customers are critical to any organisation. You need to understand and, in some cases, anticipate their needs to provide products and services better than the competition. Diamond has a range of solutions to help you provide a better customer experience.

Diamond provides Microsoft Dynamics 365 (Microsoft CRM) solutions to help you manage customer engagement in your sales and services teams. Diamond offers document management solutions in the form of Intranet (Microsoft SharePoint), OneDrive and print and scan solutions. We also help you gain better insights about your customers with software development and consulting for Business Intelligence systems.

Cybersecurity & Risk Management

The landscape around Cybersecurity has changed dramatically in the last 10 years. The focus has shifted from disruptive viruses and other malware to Ransomware and now to more involved targeted phishing attacks. There are now entire organisations that have the sole purpose of stealing information, identities and currency.

Governments around the world, including Australia, are now changing legislation to ensure businesses are taking every precaution to keep the personal information of their customers safe.

We have significant experience with cyber and data security. Diamond can provide solutions to help protect your network and business information.

  • Products – Appliances from industry leaders such as FortiGate, Diamond Managed Antivirus (DMAV)
  • Disaster recovery consulting and solutions
  • Technical services – Managed Services Agreement
  • Consulting services – Security assessment, IT policy
  • Multifactor Authentication (MFA) – includes a secure and powerful cloud-based MFA platform

Productivity & Business Process Automation

Digital transformation is happening at an unprecedented rate and it’s allowing organisations to deliver more. Customers expect that doing business with you be as easy as possible whilst staff require modern tools to perform their work and best serve your customers.

Diamond can directly help you improve productivity through business process automation. We have helped customers for over 10 years with solutions based around Microsoft SharePoint and more recently with Dynamics 365 (Microsoft CRM).

Business Enhancement & Strategy

IT strategy and Business Intelligence systems are important functions to help organisations get the most from their technology resources and gain important insights about their customers. Diamond can help organisations that don’t have the resources to employ an IT strategist or Business Intelligence expert. For those that do, we can perform external reviews.

Diamond can help with the formation and review of IT strategies. We can help you align your IT Strategy to your overall business strategy. We can also provide consulting and development of Business Intelligence systems that will deliver valuable sales dashboards and other vital management information.

Information Storage & Analytics

Information is critical to any organisation. A best practice environment will ensure data is secure, accessible and in a useable form.

Whilst data security threats represent a well-known risk, it is also important to protect information for hardware failure or even user error. Information should be stored in a structured manner and only be available to the appropriate people within your organisation. Being able to analyse data from different sources is important to enable you to gain insights into your customer or business operations.

Diamond can help in a number of ways including:

  • Storage and Backup Systems – Storage area networks (SAN), Network and Direct attached storage (NAS/DAS)
  • We offer On Premise and Cloud Backup solutions
  • Disaster Recovery Consulting and Solutions
  • Data Warehouse
  • Intranet – Microsoft SharePoint and Google Sites

Infrastructure & Operations

Whether it is software or hardware, in the Cloud or On Premise, your infrastructure is the foundation of your technology platform. Diamond sets ourselves apart from the competition because we have dedicated teams providing presales design, network operations and technology optimisation.

Diamond can help you with the following aspects of infrastructure and technology related operations:

  • Network Infrastructure Design
  • Cloud computing
  • Compute
  • Infrastructure procurement
  • Network support and monitoring
  • Project Management

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