Why consider automating your Training Management Systems?

Administering your organisation’s compliance of certification and training to regulatory requirements can be challenging as people join, change roles and exit your organisation. Automating this process will ensure greater efficiencies and reliability whilst saving you and your team precious time.

A simple and customised solution can:

  • Centralise your organisation’s management of training systems
  • Streamline training set-up, scheduling and assignment
  • Provide visibility into assigned and completed training
  • Ensure regulatory compliance

What our Clients Say

Samaritans worked with Diamond IT to build a new Intranet System for hundreds of staff across 5 geographical regions. The customer service from the software development team was excellent and any issues were responded to promptly.

Elizabeth Baker, Communication Manager - Samaritans Foundation

How does Diamond IT help with my requirements?

Diamond IT can automate your Training Management Systems using a selection of mainstream technologies including Microsoft Azure, Dynamics 365 and SharePoint. We can customise solutions that:

  • Digitise your organisation’s manual process to become automated workflows that meet defined business rules
  • Allow management to recommend mandatory and optional courses to team members in a structured manner
  • Provide easy to use forms for people to confirm their participation and completion of training
  • Allow management to oversee the status of their team member’s training requirements

Ultimately the automation of your Training Management Systems help reduce time and costs associated with overseeing your training requirements.

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