Technology Optimisation Reporting

How does the report look?

 There are two key deliverables that you’ll be receiving as part of the Technology Optimisation process:

1. Alignment ReportAs per the examples below, you’ll receive a report which outlines each area being considered, and whether your current environment is in alignment (green ticket), marginal (yellow triangle) or misaligned (red bomb). The report also includes details about why we’re reviewing this particular area, a technical overview of the area, and finally the Business Technology Manager’s recommendation on how you should proceed (if required).


TechOps Report - Threat Management

TechOps Report - File Security

TechOps Report - Account Security


2. Roadmap for the future: Based on the information in the report, your Business Technology Manager will then provide you with a long term roadmap for your technology. This will include agreed milestones, future investments as well as potential future savings (such as expiring vendor/ISP contracts, voice contracts, etc).

How to get in touch

Remember technology is always evolving and as such best practices change frequently. Diamond’s Managed IT Services will give you a single point of contact to a wide range of ICT, excellent expert advice and respond quickly and effectively when you need us. To get a better understanding review our Technology Optimisation FAQs.

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