Organisations with dedicated internal IT resources

Diamond specialises in providing efficient and reliable IT support designed to meet your specific requirements. We tailor agreements to suit organisations with a variety of internal IT structures and capabilities.

If you need help with a special project involving your IT assets and/or consulting, we’re eager to assist you. We are an expert, affordable IT consulting firm providing advisory and managerial services that will meet any of your short, or long-term IT objectives.

Additionally you can select one or more of the following services, explained in detail below, to complement the strengths of your internal team.

  • Managed server and networking monitoring service
  • Outsourced help desk
  • Short and Long term Labour Hire

We fill the short and medium term gaps so your organisation consistently experiences a first class ICT resource.

Outsourced help desk

Are you experiencing a high-staff turnover because your senior technicians are getting pulled away from important projects or simply can’t handle the high volume of basic desktop support requests?

Are you managing technical support using someone’s inbox or outlook tasks?

Perhaps it’s time to consider Diamond’s outsourced help desk. This service combines our highly skilled and responsive technical support with our world class custom developed ticketing system.

Diamond Management Systems (DMS) – Ticketing System

Firms with dedicated IT teams can have different goals and objectives. Over the years we’ve been approached by some well-established teams that are struggling to manage their support requests via spreadsheets, outlook tasks and even email inboxes.

If you haven’t yet made the significant investment to implement a comprehensive ticketing system you have the option of accessing our world class ticketing system when you engage Diamond for outsourced help desk.

Because we have supported thousands of PCs across hundreds of businesses, our custom developed systems have been extensively tested and proven. We have the technology to open a portal so your team can work together with ours, providing the ability to assign issues to both our staff and yours

You’ll have access to a world class ticketing system at a very small fraction of the cost of acquiring your own.

Ticketing systems are very important to ensure that support is well structured and focused on the right issues at the right time. In an outsourced help desk scenario, ticketing systems are particularly important because they help our teams work seamlessly together to provide the best outcomes for end users.

Our system allows your end users to log an issue and for them, as well as your IT team, to monitor its progress through to resolution. As a result, they always know what’s going on and we’re transparently accountable for our performance.

Diamond’s ticketing system is unique in the market and helps keep you productive by addressing some issues that are quite common for IT teams.

  • It eliminates wasted time and energy caused by having multiple people from your team, or ours, inadvertently involved in the same or a related issue.
  • Ensuring the detail of each technical issue is clear to the Diamond team, so your staff won’t have to repeatedly explain a recurrent problem.
  • This also ensures we have visibility of the history of a system or problem and can identify the root cause, giving us the best change to fix issues permanently.

Diamond’s management proactively uses Quality review systems to ensure that tickets are always responded to quickly and seen through to a swift resolution.

Managed Server Service- Monitoring


If your team’s skillset and attention is focused on the desktop environment and you haven’t yet made the significant investment in server monitoring systems, you should consider Diamond’s Managed Server Service.

Manage your overall network environment by accessing Diamond’s award winning monitoring systems that help our respective teams work collaboratively to

  • Monitor the health and security of your systems
  • Diagnose and resolve issues and where possible, anticipate issues before they occur.

We’ve tailored our offering to complement your internal IT personnel and honed our systems to detect important issues like undetected component failure or disk space issues as they occur without the distraction of numerous unnecessary notifications.

Our monitoring systems help you reduce downtime and increase productivity. This increases the value your IT team can provide to the rest of the organisation.


Under Diamond’s Managed Server Service, you have the option of including our automated patch management software. This applies the latest patches each week in a structured way which allows us to block any patches that have been found to cause issues. This is all done without our technicians needing to touch your systems, reducing any chance of human error.

When a new layer of protection or stability enhancement becomes available you’ll be updated straight away.

That’s peace of mind…

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