Introducing Delnorth

Delnorth® is Australia’s leading manufacturer and distributor of critical infrastructure safety products for road and utility networks. Founded in 1992, the company has grown to become a direct supplier of essential products to asset owners and contractors across the Australian infrastructure sector.

From its beginnings in the Hunter Valley, Delnorth’s success as an industry leader resulted in fast growth for the company.


The Situation

Diamond IT has been supporting Delnorth with holistic and reliable Managed IT Services since 2016.

Over the years as Delnorth acquired a number of entities, including Oz Post, Dura-Post, RPS Traffic, Signfix Australia and Hylyte Safety, it was a natural step for them to reach out to Diamond IT for further support.

Over the course of these acquisitions, the business mobiles from each organisation were combined, resulting in a complex maze of mobile phone services, plans and accounts.

The challenges created by the acquisition process resulted in simple billing and fleet management tasks quickly becoming a reoccurring headache for the Delnorth team. This was exacerbated by unsatisfactory support from the carrier account manager at the time.

Looking for an easier way to manage their business mobiles, Delnorth began discussions with their Diamond IT Business Technology Manager to explore moving across their business mobile support.


Timothy Freeth, Delnorth


“As a result of several business acquisitions, we found we had accumulated multiple overlapping accounts and services that were becoming increasingly complicated to manage.” – Tim Freeth – Group Financial Controller, Delnorth


The Solution

Delnorth was introduced to Diamond IT’s Carrier Service Solutions (CSS) team, who began to identify their pain points and the business requirements of their mobile fleet.

An extensive review of all Delnorth mobile assets was completed, including analysing all active and inactive services plans and accounts, from all existing and newly acquired businesses.

The CSS Team were able to effectively:

  • Manage the contractual change of ownership for many of the newly acquired services,
  • Consolidate invoices for a more streamlined billing and reporting,
  • Identify better suited services and plans for their business.


“The Diamond IT Carrier Service Solutions team took the time to understand our business and streamlined our services. This resulted in reducing the stress and excessive time involved in managing our business mobile phones so we could focus on more important things.”


The Outcome

As a result, Delnorth were presented with a better, more streamlined and cost-effective offering to suit their business mobile phone needs.

Using Diamond IT as the single point of contact for both business mobile account management and Managed IT services has saved the Delnorth team valuable time, allowing them to remain focused on providing their customers with critical safety products.

Unlimited access to our team of experts, coupled with our responsive and personalised customer service provides peace of mind that any technical issues experienced are resolved quickly and efficiently.

We continue to support the Delnorth team and their success through our Managed IT Services and business mobile solutions.

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