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RW Corkery & Co is a leading provider of geological and environmental consulting services to the mining, quarrying and waste management industries in Australia and internationally. Working across the major commodities and a broad spectrum of industrial and construction materials, they provide high quality, objective and robust advice, reviews, assessments and reports.

Since their establishment in 1980, RW Corkery & Co have grown to have three offices located across Sydney, Orange and Brisbane and over X staff.


The Pain Point

With a growing team of consultants working from different locations, business mobile phones are a necessity for RW Corkery & Co to remain connected to each other and to their customers to provide quality advice and reliable services. Prior to establishing a relationship with Diamond IT, RW Corkery & Co were engaged with a large telecommunications organisation via a small IT services organisation.

Over time they outgrew the business products and mobile contracts offered by the provider and began experiencing frequent billing and support issues.

As a result, the RW Corkery & Co team requested a review of their services and arrangements to reduce the cost and complexity of their billing with their telecommunications allocated account manager. With little to no support or outcomes delivered, they decided to search for a provider that would proactively support them and would understand and action simple requests.

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The Solution

Diamond IT’s Carrier Service Solutions (CSS) team worked closely with RW Corkery & Co to understand their concerns and recommend the best way forward.

As an initial step in the transition to Diamond IT’s services, a comprehensive analysis was completed. This identified that their mobile phone bills had increased by $2,000 over the previous three months and that the business had been double-billed by both their IT and telecommunications providers. Additionally, several other services were identified as billing incorrectly for a protracted period.

Our CSS team are experts in understanding the market, reviewing detailed agreements and conducting billing analysis to ensure our clients are engaged with the most suitable plans for their business needs. A reconciliation process of RW Corkery & Co’s agreements resulted in over $10,000 of credits being issued back to the business from their telecommunications provider.

With Diamond IT’s support, RW Corkery was able to transition to a fit for purpose, cost-effective solution for their business, within the confines of their contractual arrangements.


The Outcome

Working with the experts in Diamond IT’s CSS team saved RW Corkery & Co costly time, allowing them to instead maintain focus on their core business.

Leveraging Diamond IT’s high quality customer service gave RW Corkery and Co peace of mind that their telecommunication hardware, billing, and technical troubleshooting were supported by a team of experts who had a detailed understanding of their business needs.

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Holistic IT Support 

Since the initial engagement, the RW Corkery & Co team were notably impressed by the proactive support and expertise offered by the Diamond IT team. Within 6 months, RW Corkery & Co made the transition to Diamond IT’s Managed Services, allowing us to provide holistic support across their IT network.

Using Diamond IT as a single point of contact for all IT support has allowed RW Corkery and Co to boost their technology productivity and reduce downtime while enhancing their overall business performance.

Diamond IT looks forward to continuing to support RW Corkery & Co into the future.

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