Introducing Fourth Wave Wine

Based in Charlestown, NSW, Fourth Wave Wine are pioneers of the wine industry, forward-thinkers and innovative creators who deliver a selection of great tasting wines to the contemporary drinker. 

They pride themselves on trusting their market-led instincts to provide consumers with high-quality wines that are great looking and taste even better. Fourth Wave Wine describes themselves as “wine creators, enablers, and marketers” all without owning a winery of vineyards – instead, working with a small number of family-owned wineries to create regionally expressive wines from all over the globe. 


A fast-moving growth trajectory

As a growing business that makes and distributes wines globally, communication and open lines of connection with both their customers and stakeholders are of utmost importance to the Fourth Wave Wine Team. 

From their humble beginnings in 2009, Fourth Wave Wine reached a turning point in their growth in 2021 when their team hit 26 employees, and they found themselves requiring a larger office space. 

Prior to the relocation, the Fourth Wave Wine team had managed their technology and communication requirements internally, including the maintenance of an outdated and frustrating on-premises phone system. 

To maintain their fast growth and business success, the team sought a vibrant new office location and cloud infrastructure to match their innovative and high-quality product offering. 

Scoping a reliable solution to scale

In late 2021, during the second lockdown wave of the pandemic, the team acquired their new office location. Time was of the essence and Fourth Wave Wine reached out to Diamond IT to discuss how they could support the setup of the new location with a seamless transition to a new voice infrastructure. 

With remote working in full swing, Fourth Wave Wine needed a reliable voice solution that could ensure their employees remained connected to their customers from anywhere, with the ability to easily transfer customer calls between locations. 

After extensively scoping the business goals and technology needs of Fourth Wave Wine, Diamond IT recommended upgrading to their Diamond Cloud Voice (DCloud Voice) unified communications solution. Moving to DCloud Voice allowed for a customised solution to equip the Fourth Wave Wine team with the platform they needed now, and with the flexibility to grow with their team in the future.  


“We were impressed by the flexibility and range of features that the DCloud Voice Solution could offer us. Our priority has always been our customers, and it was important that we found a solution that we could rely on, backed by a team to support us if we ever needed it.” – Laurel Rubio, Finance Manager – Fourth Wave Wines.


The team chose to utilise the DCloud Voice softphone client, meaning that all calls could be taken via their laptops, PCs or mobile devices, without the need for phones on their desks in their new office. This cost-saving strategy meant that an additional financial outlay for phone hardware was not required.  

The Diamond IT team worked closely with Fourth Wave Wine to efficiently implement the DCloud Voice platform and train staff remotely during the lockdown. 

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A technology partnership to streamline connection

Through the implementation of this end-to-end DCloud Voice solution, Fourth Wave Wine have streamlined their communications environment and are now reliably connected to their customers.  

“We were so grateful at how quickly the Diamond IT team were able to scope what our business needed to keep momentum on our growth, and quickly and easily move to our new office location. They offered expert advice on how we could benefit from their DCloud Voice solution, and impressively completed the entire set up and training remotely.” – Laurel said. 

The transformation of the Fourth Wave Wine voice platform has provided:  

  • A modern cloud voice platform for their new office location. 
  • A flexible solution to support their team’s continued growth. 
  • Peace of mind that their customers are reliably connected to their business, regardless of where their employees are located.  


Diamond IT’s partnership with Fourth Wave Wine continues to evolve, now including the support and management of their holistic business technology requirements through a Managed Services Agreement. We look forward to helping Fourth Wave Wine succeed now and into the future.  

To find out more about the dynamic portfolio of wines created by Fourth Wave Wine, head to their website: 


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