Introducing AccountCom

AccountCom is dedicated to helping their client’s businesses thrive by supporting them with innovative, streamlined and efficient processes and services. They work with organisations of any size, Australia wide, offering Management Accounting, Payroll and Human Resources, and Corporate Administration services, tailored to individual business needs.

They believe in building solid foundations for businesses and this is reflected in their own technology strategy.


A prior solution unfit for use

As a growing business focused on delivering an experience that exceeds expectations, the AccountCom team was concerned about the quality and reliability of their on-premises voice infrastructure as one of their main lines of communication with their customers.

Unfortunately, the quality of this service was lacking and tended to drop out after 10 minutes when speaking with out of state clients.

In addition to this, the customer service and technical support services of the provider were poor, which led the AccountCom team to search for an alternate provider.


A better way to do business

The AccountCom team had previously managed their technology needs internally with the additional support of a sole IT contractor to manage the basic IT set-up of their workstations. As the team continued to grow, so too did the amount of time and technical skillset required to ensure the business was connected, productive and secure.

AccountCom engaged with Diamond IT to move to their cloud-based voice system, DCloud Voice, which provided updated network infrastructure and established a reliable and secure connection to their clients.

Less than 6 months later, AccountCom chose to partner with Diamond IT to manage their technology holistically, after realising the potential of a complete technology partnership.

With growing concerns around the security and protection of their client information and data, the AccountCom team found peace of mind in the active monitoring and security updates provided by Diamond IT’s Managed IT Services.

Kellie Klok, Managing Director - AccountCom


“At AccountCom, our philosophy is to always deliver an experience that exceeds expectations. Diamond IT’s Managed IT Services and Diamond Cloud Voice have totally transformed the way we do business. We have been able to ensure our lines of communication to clients are reliable and of high quality, and that our data is secure and proactively monitored.” – Kellie Klok, Managing Director

A true partnership delivering quality outcomes

Since partnering with Diamond IT, AccountCom has benefited from:

  • A modern network and improved voice infrastructure.
  • Access to professional and reliable customer support for any technical or billing enquiries.
  • Proactive security management and technology optimisation to help prepare for future growth.
  • Day-to-day support as required, freeing up precious time for business leaders.
  • A true fit and strategic technology roadmap alignment to the overall business objectives.


“Having all of our technical infrastructure taken care of by Diamond IT has allowed me to gain valuable time back to focus on delivering our core offering to our clients. It gives me peace of mind knowing that support is just a phone call away should we need it, and that our business is ready to scale as we continue to grow. We value the security and expertise that Diamond IT has provided for our business


Diamond IT looks forward to continuing to support AccountCom to succeed in the future.

To find out more about how AccountCom can help remove the stress of bookkeeping and HR for your business, head to their website:


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