Introducing the JSA Group (JSA) - Financial Services 

The JSA Group has been providing quality advice and financial services since 1976tailoring their services to meet the needs of individuals, businesses, superannuation funds and investment trusts. Led by Jeff Shakespeare, the JSA team are qualified professionals whose combined skills, knowledge and commitment to client service remains second to none. 

The JSA group has over 60 staff spread across Sydney and Newcastle, with their head office located in Charlestown.  

With the mantra of ‘planning for you future now, whatever your circumstance’ JSA are leaders in their field, focused on improving practices and staying up to date with technology that can best support their business objectives. 

The JSA Group has a long-standing relationship with Diamond IT, which has seen close collaboration, development and support for its strategic technology roadmap and infrastructure transformation projects.  


Why Cloud Technology was a great fit 

When JSA was notified of the impending disconnection of ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network) in September 2019, they were quick to act, exploring the benefits of adopting a cloud-based voice solution. 

With a focus on providing meticulous client servicesJSA required a voice solution that was able to provide a high quality and reliable connection to their clients as well as a robust unified communications platform to support their staff.  

The solution needed to: 

  • Work across multiple sites, with the flexibility to make changes. 
  • Be scalable and reliable 
  • Include collaboration features for a team that is on the go 
  • Make it easy to manage changes to the service easily and as required 



Moving from our traditional desk phones to DCloud Voice has provided the JSA Group with the ultimate flexibility to keep in reliable contact with staff no matter whether they are working from another office, home or their car, and regardless of whether they are operating from their computer, their tablet or their mobile.  All staff can see each other’s presence and availability and can choose whether to video call, talk, IM Chat, conference call or simply leave a voice message”. 

 – Andrew Shakespeare, Director


Thanks to their new DCloud Voice solution, JSA has been able to not only efficiently communicate with their team across different offices but also their clients from any location, on a high quality and reliable solution. The customised solution included a combination of desk softphones, and mobile apps to make calls and use collaboration features. 

Moving from a traditional on premises solution, the JSA team quickly experienced the benefits of cloud technologyand expanded their infrastructure to include DCloud BackupDCloud ComputeDiamond Internet and Networks (DNet) as inclusions of their Managed Services agreement with Diamond IT.  

Through DNet, the JSA group was able to rationalise multiple phone lines into one main company line, which in turn resulted in a cost reduction of their telephone bills and an improved customer experience with a single point of contact for reception enquiries. 


“DCloud has revolutionised the way we communicate and interact with our teams. The ability to automate call forwarding when busy or in a meeting, with personalised greetings and forwarding options is a breeze”  


Diamond IT continues to partner with the JSA Group to support the delivery of their business technology strategy.  


“DCloud Voice has been a key factor of our Business Continuity and Risk Management Plan at the JSA Group as we successfully navigate the COVID-19 lockdown.  The seamless ability to route calls remotely to our home based team has been vital in maintaining service delivery standards to our clients at such a critical time.” 

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DCloud Voice

DCloud Voice

Diamond Cloud (DCloud) Voice is a flexible unified communications solution that connects you to your customers from an IP desk phone, mobile device, PC or laptop from anywhere via the internet, whether you are in the office, at home or on the go.

This unique solution includes Diamond IT's Managed Services for Business Communications, providing you with complete peace of mind.

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DCloud Backup and Archive

DCloud Backup and Archive

Today’s technologies are flexible and provide a way to ensure your business information is stored securely and helps you restore your data from backups quickly when required.

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DCloud Compute

DCloud Compute

Diamond Cloud (DCloud) Compute is a powerful and robust Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) solution within an Enterprise level data centre facility, that is scalable to your business needs.

We take care of your IT infrastructure, providing you peace of mind and the ability to focus on your organisations core business.

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