Introducing Monteath & Powys

Monteath & Powys is a leading Hunter-based property and infrastructure development solutions organisation. Their team provides efficient solutions to residential, mining, commercial, manufacturing, industrial, transport and logistics organisations of all sizes and scopes. 

With offices in Newcastle, Sydney, Muswellbrook and Gunnedah, the Monteath & Powys team includes over 60 surveyors, engineers, planners, environmental scientists, engineering designers, project managers, field and administration staff who work in close collaboration to provide clients with high-quality outcomes. 


Both our team and customers are spread across the East Coast of Australia, so it was critical for us to not only enable our roaming workforce to effectively work from any location but to also ensure reliable lines of communication were available at all times to connect with our customers.  

We worked closely with the Diamond IT team to scope and implement the most effective solution to upgrade our telephony platform to the cloud.  

– Greg Burnitt, Managing Director, Monteath & Powys 


Time to rethink strategy 

In September 2019 the disconnection of ISDN (Integrated Services Digital Network) commenced around Australia, forcing organisations to rethink their communications strategy and infrastructure.  

This prompted Monteath & Powys to investigate options to upgrade their business communications platform. Theapproached Diamond IT to prepare for the imminent removal of ISDNupdate their infrastructure, and plan for the future communication needs of their business.  

customised solution 

Introducing Diamond Cloud (DCloud) Voice. DCloud Voice is a flexible unified communications solution that replaces the need to have traditional PBX (voice server) infrastructure on site. Instead, VoIP (Voice-over-IP) allows data lines over the internet to be used to make and receive calls.

Moving to DCloud Voice allowed for a customised solution that can scale with Monteath & Powys requirements, equipping them with the platform they need now, and the flexibility to grow with their team in the future. 

The secure voice infrastructure gave Monteath & Powys the peace of mind that communication lines to their customers remain open at all times, and the flexibility to support their mobile workforce 

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Moving to the Cloud 

After an extensive scoping of Monteath & Powys needs, Diamond IT began the transition process of connecting the business to our cloud platform via our DNet (Diamond Internet and Networks) product. 

Once Diamond IT had the underlying fibre service in place, the deployment of the new DCloud Voice phone system was completed within a matter of days. 

The previous ISDN lines were replaced with SIP channels via a new dedicated fibre internet connection, which provided protection againsthe looming cutoff of ISDN products. Most importantly, this created reliability in the VoIP world. 

“Since concluding the DCloud Voice project, we’ve not only lowered our telephone bills, but seen great improvements in data speed and streamlined services. We value the support from Diamond IT in scoping and implementing a modern, flexible solution that really fits our business needs”

As part of the implementation process, Diamond IT provided face to face training for the Monteath & Powys team, supported by simple user guides. Our Managed Services simple monthly charge also included ongoing support from Diamond IT’s service desk, firmware updates, remote configuration and more to give Monteath & Powys increased security and peace of mind.

A streamlined communications environment 

Through the implementation of this end-to-end DCloud Voice solution, Monteath & Powys have streamlined their communications environment and is now better placed to support their customers.  

“The flexibility of being able to choose between a traditional handset or utilising the softphone client or mobile application options for our field staff allows us to control costs, whilst being accessible to our customers and colleagues from anywhere.”

The Diamond IT team were proud to play a key role in the transformation of their telephony platform, with the upgrade resulting in: 

  • A fibre service for both voice and data.  
  • Better data speeds and improved data transfer capabilities.  
  • A cost reduction in telephone bills.  
  • Improved access to cloud resources.  
  • A simple, streamlined service to support a roaming workforce.  

Diamond IT continues to partner with Monteath & Powys to support the delivery of their business technology strategy. 

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