Introducing Commercial Collective


Based in Newcastle, with clients in Australia and abroad, 
Commercial Collective promises fast, expert, professional and more innovative ways to buy, sell, develop and invest in commercial and industrial property and project marketing. 

Commercial Collective
 pride themselves on taking an individual approach to each project based on unique needs, researched evidence and current market trends. 


An individual approach to Commercial Collective’s needs  

Entering the Newcastle Property market in 2019, Commercial Collective engaged Diamond IT as they moved into their first premises. As a startup, the Commercial Collective team required a highly flexible and scalable technology solution that could support its business objectives 

These requirements included: 

  • A secure and reliable communication solution to support their mobile workforce. 
  • An agile and cost-effective cloud solution that could quickly scale to meet their growth trajectory. 
  • Secure cloud-based document storage and backup solution. 
  • The ability to work productively wherever the team was located. 


A scalable and flexible cloud-based solution 

Cloud technology provides a flexible and scalable way to communicate and access the resources you need, regardless of where you are working.  

After discussing Commercial Collective’s requirements it was clear that cloud technology was a great fit to support their business needs. As such, they selected our DCloud Voice (Diamond Cloud Voice) and DNet (Diamond Internet and Networks) solutions.   

The transition process of connecting the business to our cloud platform via our DNet product was completed, andMicrosoft OneDrive and Microsoft Azure were then deployed. Our DNet solution equipped the Commercial Collective team to work and access files from any location, with no requirement for physical server equipment on premises. 


Supporting a roaming workforce 

DCloud Voice allows your team to make and receive calls from an IP desk phone, softphone client or mobile applicationfrom anywhere via the internet, whether you are in the office, at home or on the go. 

This was a key factor for Commercial Collective when selecting the solution. With only one physical phone being installed on premises, and the remainder of the team selected to use a combination of softphone client and mobile application to connect with their customers 


“When COVID-19 hit, our business was ready. We are so happy with how Diamond IT set up our communication infrastructure to work from anywhere. It has completely minimised any potential disruption to our business as we easily transitioned to a virtual model”  – Matt Kearney, Partner



Evolving to keep ahead of the game  

Since its establishment in 2019Commercial Collective has quickly expanded to include a team of over 15 professionals. The implementation of DCloud Voice and DNet means that the team now has the technology they need at their fingertips, exactly when and how they need it. 

With the rise of COVID-19 in 2020, Commercial Collective were able to seamlessly move to working remotely, with minimal disruption to the business. While no one could have predicted the extent of the pandemic, DCloud Voice had equipped the team with the technology required to work from any locationin turn strengthening their business continuity plan in terms of security, connectivity and productivity. 

Diamond IT were proud to work with Commercial Collective to establish a modern and reliable technology infrastructure within their business, which has proven to protect them from a range of business impacts. We continue to support the Commercial Collective team and their success through our Managed Services, DNet and DCloud Voice solutions.  


“One of our business values is to keep ahead of the game. It underpins everything we do, including our approach to technology. Moving to the cloud meant that we were fully supported in our plans for business growth. We value the flexibility and security that DCloud Voice and DNet has offered our team.

How we can support you

DCloud Voice

DCloud Voice

Diamond Cloud (DCloud) Voice is a flexible unified communications solution that connects you to your customers from an IP desk phone, mobile device, PC or laptop from anywhere via the internet, whether you are in the office, at home or on the go.

This unique solution includes Diamond IT's Managed Services for Business Communications, providing you with complete peace of mind.

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DCloud Compute

DCloud Compute

Diamond Cloud (DCloud) Compute is a powerful and robust Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) solution within an Enterprise level data centre facility, that is scalable to your business needs.

We take care of your IT infrastructure, providing you peace of mind and the ability to focus on your organisations core business.

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DCloud Backup and Archive

DCloud Backup and Archive

Today’s technologies are flexible and provide a way to ensure your business information is stored securely and helps you restore your data from backups quickly when required.

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Managed IT Services and Optimisation

Managed IT Services and Optimisation

Since 2007, Diamond IT has provided Managed IT Service Agreements with a focus on both the business and the technology needs of our customers. We aim to help improve productivity, reduce risk and align technology solutions to your business needs, to help you succeed.

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