Introducing Hunter Primary Care

For almost 30 years, Hunter Primary Care has been committed to meeting the needs of its community. They deliver quality primary health, mental health and after-hours care through collaboration with a network of trusted health professionals.

Their proud history underpins Hunter Primary Care’s reputation as a reliable and sustainable provider of health care services throughout the region; a reputation accomplished through the professionalism of their staff and their ongoing commitment and dedication to helping patients in need.

Their business units include NDIS Services, Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Health and Wellbeing Services, Mental Health and Wellbeing servicesPsychology Services, headspace Newcastle, and GP Access (after-hours GP services).

The Situation 

Hunter Primary Care (HPC) maintains an ongoing commitment to innovation to build better ways to serve and support their community. When planning for this goal, through strategic mapping against business objectives, they identified the need for investment and focus on technology to help drive their success.

A review of each individual business unit identified a disparity between the internal systems, holding them back from providing their community with a seamless and integrated experience.

The team identified opportunities to consolidate customer service functions across business service units and improvements and efficiencies in technology including:

  • Data structures and system integrations to provide a 360-degree view of their clients,
  • Cyber security improvements to protect critical information and meet privacy requirements,
  • Client engagement improvements, and
  • The overall ability to continue to expand the business and grow HPC’s service offerings to remain competitive and provide their community with the highest quality of care.

As a result, a detailed business case was put forward to the HPC Board on how they could use technology to limit risk and support innovation in service delivery, which resulted in a four-year IT improvement program being approved.


Investing in patient experience and engagement

The core focus of this project was to scope, assess and invest in a suitable Client Relationship Management (CRM) system that could holistically manage the care services component of the business.

The internal HPC IT team evaluated how they could best approach the completion of such a large-scale project, realising they ‘simply couldn’t do it all on their own’.

HPC chose to partner with Diamond IT’s Business Technology Consulting team to support the strategic direction, collaborative approach, and vendor evaluation of the project.


Jack Hanson, Corporate Services Executive, Hunter Primary Care“Hunter Primary Care’s key focus is to invest in building future capability, not only to ensure we are delivering the highest level of care and experience for our clients but to ensure we remain competitive in the changing industry landscape.

We value the strategic direction and collaborative approach that our partnership with Diamond IT has brought to the CRM procurement project, ultimately ensuring that the successful vendor could truly meet our business objectives.” Jack Hanson, Corporate Services Executive, Hunter Primary Care


The Solution 

HPC initially invested a significant amount of time and effort into establishing a current state systems architecture to identify what functionality was required from the new CRM. With the support of Diamond IT, lengthy consultation with each business unit began to identify the current and future needs of a new CRM.

Diamond IT’s Business Technology Consulting team provided an extended capability for the HPC team, with different skill sets and areas of expertise being utilised at each different stage of the procurement project.

During the partnership, it was important to HPC that internal IT team members were able to learn from Diamond IT and further build their capability during the project.

Over a six-month period, a detailed and evidence-based business case was coordinated with key business stakeholders, to present for the procurement process.


Managing change and creating a shared journey

After going to market in search of a suitable CRM solution, three potential vendors were identified and asked to present on and demonstrate their proposed offerings. These presentations were then further reviewed by the technical representative team to evaluate how they mapped against HPC’s required specifications.

It was important to HPC that each vendor was comprehensively assessed and tested by their team, and that the entire business was brought along the journey of why they were moving to implement such widescale change within the business. The goal was to ensure that all HPC stakeholders understood and had buy in for how this was going to support the service delivery to their community.

Change management was a large focus for the team, and emphasis was placed on consultation amongst each business unit and department, involving them through each stage of the procurement process. This was crucial to ensure that the outcome of the project and the selection of the successful vendor were based on detailed thought and evaluation, through great communication and staff engagement.


The Outcome

In October 2021, with the support of Diamond IT’s ongoing partnership, the successful vendor was selected. HPC was now well placed to begin the implementation rollout of the new CRM solution to their business units.

The support of the lengthy and detailed consultation amongst staff for this project ensured that the procurement process was backed with confidence, and that the entire business felt a part of such a key business decision.

Diamond IT continues to support HPC with the full-scale implementation of their new CRM solution.


“Partnering with Diamond IT helped build confidence and capacity within our internal IT to ensure that such a critical technology investment was a success. With the help of their strategic consultation skills, the project went from ‘how are we going to do this?’ to ‘we can do this’ in a matter of months. We are excited to see the changes in service delivery to better support our community, all driven by technology” – Jack Hanson, Corporate Services Executive, Hunter Primary Care  


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